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Brad H. Ferguson, Attorney at Law located in Waynesville, NC, offers representation for the following legal services: Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Personal Injury cases. He has deep roots in the community of Western North Carolina and is a native of Haywood County. He works tenaciously for his clients and understands the stress that problematic events can bring with them.

Being accused of a crime or dealing with difficult circumstances can be overwhelming. Situations and consequences are different for everyone, and emotions can run high; that is why you need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the legal system. Brad Ferguson has over 15+ years of experience and believes in the quality of the client-lawyer relationship. He takes a particular interest in giving his clients individualized attention and personalized strategies regarding their unique cases based on facts.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Brad H Ferguson

Criminal Defense

No one expects to find themselves in a situation with negative consequences, but it does happen. Mistakes, bad decisions, or unfair circumstances can interrupt your life’s routine and have lasting legal and life implications. Suppose you are facing charges or are under investigation. In that case, you need a competent and experienced defense lawyer to help you with the process and defend your legal rights as a citizen.

Family Law Lawyer Brad H Ferguson

Family Law

No family is perfect, and sometimes relationships come to an end. The impact of a family unit dissolving is especially hard on children and emotionally challenging for everyone affected. While you may be feeling like you are lost in a maze of confusion, you need to be thinking about your future. Having a proactive attorney who is removed from the emotionally charged events you are facing can be highly beneficial in securing your financial future and protecting your family. Brad is a compassionate family lawyer who keeps your best interests in the foreground while actively providing one-on-one attention to you throughout the legal process.

Personal Injury Lawyer Brad H Ferguson

Personal Injury

If you have been injured at no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. Even while you are recovering from your injuries, a representative from an insurance company may attempt to contact you to settle your case quickly. This may not be in your best interest, and if you have questions, you should seek out legal counsel as soon as possible. As a personal injury lawyer, Brad can help you handle your case while you are focusing on your recovery. He will ensure that your rights are protected while working through the complex process of seeking adequate compensation for your injuries.

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What People Say About Brad

Brad is the best attorney a business owner in haywood county could ever have he is very personable very quick at what he does and he truly looked out for me and my business and my family anything we have ever had to go through he has been there to watch our backs and make sure everything went smooth for us. I recommend Brad with the utmost regard for someone I could possibly have. I hope anyone of the people on here get a chance to work with him if you ever have to go through something. He will have your back because he had mine and my families.
Chris S.
Brad Ferguson has been awesome over the years even though my downtime since 2009. He helped me thru it all I’m so grateful for all he has done for me. He is a good person and a great lawyer.
Jessica G.
Mr. Brad Ferguson is a True & Trusted local who (actually) cares about his clients. Brad listens and goes the extra mile & always on his game. Haywood County residents are lucky to have this GEM fighting for their rights.
I had several issues that Brad represented me or my personal interests on, he was always very professional. He answered the phone, returned calls/emails quickly, answered any questions, and addressed any concerns I may have had. Those are things that are hard to find in an attorney. I definitely recommend his services.
Mindy B.
I have been through three different attorneys in 2 different states fighting for the best interest of my child. Mr. Ferguson is one of the best attorney's I have had represent myself and the best interest of my child. He never made any promises to me or my child on the outcome of my case and always told me what I needed to be successful in obtaining a judgement that I needed for my child. He provided me the VERY BEST representation for a very reasonable and fair price. I have three children and Mr. Ferguson will be my attorney for as long as they are minors. Thank you Mr. Ferguson for fighting so hard for my child and making sure he was safe! You were compassionate to my situation and always answered all my questions.
Roxann D.
I now have my parental rights court-mandated and I can now be a father to my son when I was previously denied. If you care, he cares. If you work, he works 10x harder. Mr. Ferguson is a very rare breed of attorney. He actually cares and is more than fair on his fees as well as payment plans. I highly recommend him and if I ever need an attorney in the future I will most definitely choose Mr. Brad H. Ferguson!
Ben A.