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How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? If so, it is vital that you seek legal counsel immediately. Even if you believe the violation is minor, it can leave you with a record that could haunt you for a lifetime. However, with the multiple listings for attorneys out there, you could be left wondering where to turn. Today we are going to share our advice on how to choose a criminal defense lawyer.

What to Look for in a Defense Lawyer

Lawyers focus on different law areas, just like there are doctors for different kinds of ailments. For example, you would not visit an eye doctor for an issue with your feet, so you would not go to a lawyer who focuses on estate planning for a DUI Offense.

Criminal law is complex, and it changes often. It is essential to work with someone who has experience with the charges that you are facing.

Be sure to ask questions about the type and years of experience that the lawyer you are meeting with has. Asking questions allows you to see your potential attorney’s personality. It gives you the chance to see if both of you will work well together.

Working with a lawyer should be a partnership, and if it is, your success will improve drastically.

Find Out What Others Say

When you meet with your lawyer, ask them for referrals. If you know of someone else who has been in a situation similar to the one you are going through, ask them who their defender was. You can also go online and research reviews, forums, and other sources.

Keep in mind, though, that one bad review should not deter you from working with an attorney. However, several bad reviews indicate a red flag that you should not ignore.

Get a Feel for Their Confidence

It is not hard to get a feel for how confident someone is, and we generally can get this impression within a moment or two of a meeting. When meeting with a lawyer, pay attention to how they speak to you. Do they appear nervous, or are they authoritative? Do they seem calm and confident, or are they timid?

A skilled lawyer will be forthcoming and honest but also an attentive listener. It is important to note that as your legal counsel, they should also take direction from you. Because at the end of the day, it will be you who chooses to plead guilty or go to trial.

Look for a lawyer who wants to engage you in the legal process actively and who will share their confidence with you.

Don’t Assume You Can Handle it Yourself

Nevertheless, being charged with a crime is daunting but don’t make the mistake of assuming you can handle your case by yourself. Although you have the right to represent yourself, you need to consider that the court will hold you to the same standards as an attorney.  

Some cases are straightforward, but most of the time, they are complicated. Preparing for a case can be stressful, and it requires skills in several areas. For example, are you comfortable with public speaking? Are you confident in courtroom procedures and filing the paperwork for motions? Do you know how to prepare your witnesses?

Those are just a few examples of what a criminal defense lawyer does and has been trained in. Our Constitution gives everyone the right to legal counsel in the Sixth Amendment, at the very least accept a public defender.

Your reputation is essential, as are your rights. If you would like to learn more, you can contact Criminal Defense Attorney Brad H. Ferguson here.

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