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Accidents and injuries are a daily occurrence that everyone deals with at some point. However, situations can turn dire when an accident or injury is significant enough to warrant medical care. Times such as these can be confusing, and you should be focused on your recovery, but questions will rise if you are not at fault for your incident. For example, who will pay for your medical bills? Your insurance company will want a statement about the accident to determine who is at fault. Or if you were hurt at work, the company’s liability team will be pressing for details as well. In circumstances like these, you may need a personal injury lawyer to help you handle your claims. Brad H. Ferguson is a knowledgeable and seasoned attorney. He can guide you through the confusion and answer your legal questions regarding your rights.

A personal injury lawyer performs a complicated job protecting your legal rights. They also anticipate and recognize potential issues that can arise and intervene on your behalf.

Examples of Personal Injury Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Wrongful Death Suits

Dog Bites

Workplace Injury/Worker’s Compensation

Medical Malpractice

Pain and Suffering Damages

Premise Liability

Slips and Falls

Shared Fault and North Carolina State Law

When discussing personal injury cases, it is essential to understand the laws regarding liability in North Carolina. North Carolina law states that if the plaintiff (party seeking compensation) shares any fault with the accident or injury, they cannot recover any damages. The degree of liability shared will also impact the overall compensation awarded to a plaintiff if they win. Insurance companies know this and will aggressively seek to find blame on the one who is injured.

Personal Injury Lawyer Brad H Ferguson

Legal Time Limits for North Carolina Personal Injury Lawsuits

Every state in the US has legal time limits as to when someone can file a personal injury lawsuit after they have suffered harm. North Carolina sets the statute of limitations to three years from the injury date. If you do not file your lawsuit within the three-year window, it could be that the court will likely not hear your case, and potential compensation could be lost.

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North Carolina Injury Claims Against the Government

If you believe that your injury was caused by the negligence of an agency of North Carolina or one of their employees, you will have to follow a different set of rules for filing your injury claim. Claims of this nature have to be filed with the state’s Industrial Commission within the statute of limitations of three years.

When is it best to call a North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer?

North Carolina has strict laws concerning who is at fault in car accidents and dog bite claims. Regardless of the injury that you have incurred, if you believe that you are not at fault, contact an attorney skilled in this area of practice as soon as possible.

Your lawyer’s job is to protect your interests and rights to the best of their ability. In the heat of the moment, you could easily jeopardize your case and possible compensation by inadvertently admitting fault or partial fault in the accident. However, if you hire an attorney, you can defer any inquiries from insurance companies to your attorney to answer. While accidents can cause pain and mental anguish focus on your recovery and seek medical attention as soon as possible after the incident. Get a full diagnosis from a medical professional about your injuries.  Then contact a personal injury lawyer such as Brad H. Ferguson so they can help you assess your situation accurately.

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