Facing DUI in NC: What You Need to Know

DUI Charge in NC

Facing DUI charges in North Carolina? Attorney Brad Ferguson provides essential insights and defense strategies from Waynesville, NC. Understand DUI laws, the impacts of charges, and the critical role of legal representation. Discover steps to mitigate consequences and secure expert guidance. Contact Brad Ferguson for dedicated DUI defense and personalized legal support.

Navigating Probation in North Carolina | Attorney’s Role in Successful Outcomes

Explore the pivotal role of Attorney Brad Ferguson in guiding clients through North Carolina probation, providing expert legal support, advocacy, and strategic advice for successful outcomes and rehabilitation.

What should you do if you are arrested?

What should you do if you are arrested? Being stopped by law enforcement can be an unsettling experience that may lead to an arrest. On average, there are over 10 million arrests made in the United States each year. Not all of them end in punishment from the judicial system, though. That is why it… Continue reading What should you do if you are arrested?

Why are we obsessed with true crime?

True crime stories have always been a part of the media, from the news to the rise of docu-dramas. Those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s will never forget the theme song on “Unsolved Mysteries” or the leathery voice of actor Robert Stack.  The fascination with unlawful behavior has not diminished… Continue reading Why are we obsessed with true crime?

Lawyers Are Skilled Storytellers

Image Credit: Haywood County Officials Circa 1909 Source: North Carolina DigitalNC What do you think of when you hear the word story? A book or news article, perhaps? The ability to narrate a story is an integral part of everyone’s lives. Take the time to observe others while out in public, and you will quickly… Continue reading Lawyers Are Skilled Storytellers